YCC’s Cultural Committee Hosted It’s First Event Of the Year Titled, “We Are the World”

This month, our YCC’s Cultural Committee held its first event of the year for our YCC members! 

The focus of the event was discovering the meaning and significance of the song “We Are the World.” Quincy Jones produced this song, which included contributions from 46 different musicians. This song, which was released in 1985, was written to aid the famine wreaking havoc that occurred in Africa at the time. Thanks to the song’s sales, over 60 million dollars have been raised!

The 2010 version, “We are the world 25 for Haiti,” in which more than 50 musicians joined together to spread awareness and collect money for Haiti, was also presented by YCC staff. During this time, a large earthquake hit Haiti. The song made its premiere in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Following the discussions of both songs, our staff and members engaged in a conversation regarding current issues. In order to help our YCC members get involved and use their voices, our cultural committee provided them with resources on nonprofit organizations as well as advice.

First to be discussed was the 2016-founded nonprofit organization called Social Works. This nonprofit was started by Chicago musician and performer, Chance the Rapper. Social Works seeks to empower young people via art, education, and civic engagement.

Lumity, established in 1995, was the second nonprofit organization. This organization is a STEM education program that helps youth from under-resourced communities. They offer out of classroom STEM experience, networking opportunities, and job preparation.  

BUILD, established in 1969, was the third and last nonprofit organization. BUILD offers opportunities for youth in West Chicago who are facing systemic obstacles.

A chance to write poetry and/or songs about any current global issue of their choosing was given to YCC members at the conclusion of the event. Stay tuned to read on our Cultural Committee’s next event!

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