YCC Alumnus Chris Coburn Returns to YCC to Speak to Current Members

“This place is a good place for the community,” said Chris Coburn, a YCC alumnus, when he returned to YCC last month as a guest speaker.

On his visit, he talked to current members about his experience, updated everyone on what he’s doing right now, and also gave helpful advice. 

During his time at YCC, Chris was part of a cohort of 22 members. He talked about his relationship with his cohort, explaining how everyone was close with each other. 

YCC taught him all about life skills, and Mr. Fred, our Member Services Manager, was a huge help. “You do a lot of good for the people that come here,” Chris told Mr. Fred. 

In addition to life skills, Chris learned the importance of constructive criticism through an activity called Break Down, Build Up. He achieved many things during his time at YCC, such as being named member of the month and having the opportunity to attend a conference in Washington, D.C.   

Additionally, Chris has earned a lot of experience with construction, having helped renovate houses and later becoming part of the YCC staff as the Construction Assistant for roughly three years.

After his time at YCC, he looked to further his construction experience by working for Coyote Construction LLC in Wauconda, IL.

During his time there, however, his daughter got affected by RSV, so Chris had to leave this position. He decided to go to work along with his wife in the healthcare field, where he is currently working.

Joined by his wife, she advised our YCC members to take action. “This…this is motivation. Everyone has a story. Start your story today,” she told our YCC members.

Having YCC alumni come speak to our current members is vital. Stay tuned to see who our future guest speakers are!

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