Youth Conservation Corps Member Application

YCC Member Application
This 6-12 month program focuses on education, career pathways in Construction or IT and building life skills and leadership skills. We want to see every member complete their high school diploma or GED, earn industry-recognized certifications in construction or IT career pathways and learn valuable life skills in order to gain long-term employment. Youth Conservation Corps is located in Waukegan, IL and is offered to Lake County residents. Only proceed with this application if you are a resident of Lake County, Illinois, are 16-24 years old and are interested in participating in this 6-12 month workforce readiness program. *
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Do you have a valid Social Security Number (SSN)? *
Do you currently receive any government assistance?
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Who do you live with?
Have you received a high school diploma? *
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Have you held a job before? *
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Do you have a current driver’s license, state-issued ID card (not high school) or passport? *
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