Welcome, Mental Toughness Candidates!


At Youth Conservation Corps, we serve unemployed and out-of-school young people ages 16-24.The beginning of each program cycle marks an opportunity to work with a majority of young people who are unfamiliar with alternative learning pathways.To help ease the transition from past high school experience to  YCC’s YouthBuild Program, YCC and over 250 YouthBuild programs across the country implement a “Mental Toughness Orientation” consisting of team-building activities, life skills training, and more. Last week, a new group of young people started this orientation process.

The purpose of this two-week long orientation is to check each applicant’s ‘mental toughness’ – their desire to be in the program and willingness and ability to work hard, follow instructions, and get along with others. The orientation can also serve to set the tone of a new program cycle or as a final assessment of each applicant by staff before selection of participants is completed.

After completing Mental Toughness, the young people who have shown their dedication to the program and commitment to making a better life for themselves will be enrolled. We look forward to welcoming a new group of youths, fostering their development and unlocking their potential for success!

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