Last updated on 3/13/20 

YCC Staff, Members and Stakeholders: 


As you know, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19virus concerns are growing throughout the United States and in the Chicagoland area. To address the growing concern about the current Coronavirus outbreak, YCC is taking proactive measures to reduce exposure and minimize associated risks.  Our primary concern is the health and well-being of Youth Conservation Corps’ YouthBuild members, staff, and visitors.  Consequently, the following precautionary measures are effective immediately: 


–     All individuals (staff, YouthBuild members, volunteers, and visitors) that are on-site at YCC are asked to be mindful of practicing good hand hygiene (i.e. washing hands frequently) and regularly cleaning their work areas with disinfectant wipes provided.  Cleaning supplies will be placed in all public spaces and conference rooms.  Additional supplies are located in the storage room in the back office for all employees to use/share. See the workplace, school, and home guidance sheet from CDC for more info about best practices to prevent spread.   

–     Exercise your best judgement when determining if you should travel. Let your supervisor know if you plan to travel out of the state or country.  

–     YCC staff should make a practice of taking laptops and power cords home on a daily basis.  You should be prepared with the equipment needed to perform your job.  If additional resources are required to work remotely, please inform your supervisor.  

–     Any individuals (YouthBuild members, staff, visitors) who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath) should:  

  • – Stay home and not come to work, or on-site to YCC. 

  • – Seek medical treatment – call care providers before visit or  

  • – LC Health Department hotline: 1-800-889-3931. 

  • – Notify your supervisor (staff) or Bill Foltz (YB members) by phone or email that you are staying home       and update your calendar accordingly. 

–     If you, your family member, or others you care for are at higher risk should you be exposed to the virus, please feel free to work from home (If possible). We want everyone to be safe.  If you are exposed to individuals who are at a higher risk of serious illness, please notify your supervisor (staff) or Mr. Bill (YB members). 

 Those who are at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19:  

  •  – Older adults  

  •  – People who have serious chronic medical conditions like:  

  • – Heart disease  

  • – Diabetes  

  • – Lung disease  

Note:  YCC Staff requiring a work from home arrangement should communicate and coordinate with their supervisors. 


YCC’s Contingency/Continuity Plan for a potential widespread outbreak in Lake County 

1) We plan to closely follow this issue and coordinate and stay up-to-date with the guidance of state and local (Lake County) health officials and with the CDC. 

2) We will follow the College of Lake County’s campus closure policy, should classes be suspended.  YCC will not be able to provide alternative/online instructional programming during the program suspension. 

3) All members will have their temperatures checked upon entry. Anyone who has a temperature above 99.0 degrees will be sent home and may not reenter until they are fever-free for at least 48 hours.

4) We should be prepared for increased absenteeism so that YCC is able to operate even if key staff members are not present. 

  • – We will prepare by cross-training staff to perform essential functions. 

  • – We will also create instructions on how to perform certain essential tasks that others can use for       reference. 

5) We have ensured that YCC has the IT infrastructure needed to support multiple or all staff members working from home. 

  • – Staff communications will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and Email. 

6)  Staff have been advised to create a Plan B project list for YCC related projects they can work on remotely, should the program be suspended. 

7) YCC is contacting our Federal Program Officer to establish guidelines around allowable costs during program suspension related to member stipends, staff pay, delayed program timing (if program is suspended).  We are also looking into alternative methods to ensure members who rely on YCC’s food pantry can access necessary resources during program suspension. 

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